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We are a Transit company and Customs Agents dedicated exclusively to the International Transport in all its aspects.

We work for your company to be a part of the new global reality of the market.



We a Put at your Disposal An Integral SERVICE

We take care of everything, with the best quality and reliability to carry or bring your goods and with the best service operating system and strategic value.

How do we Work?

1 Customer Care

Customer care occupies almost half of the time we devote to each shipment. We understand that a clear and orderly exposition throughout the process of a shipping is the most appropriate way to lay the foundation for your experience as a shipper to start off on the right foot, and also so you can have a solid idea and criteria that will allow you to understand diligently all your future shipments.

2 Operations

Every shipment involves 5 operations: land transport at the origin, loading, freight, transport and landing at the destination. Once the shipment is confirmed, you can consult the status of your shipment at all times. We keep track of all our shipments, from the moment we receive confirmation of the shipment to the moment to the moment is delivered to the destination.

3 Document Procedure

All shippings involve, at least, 2 document procedures: The development of the BL (Bill of lading) and the development of the customs clearance. From the documentation we require, which can vary depending on the type of shipment, we take care of all the necessary formalities to export or import the goods.

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